When we think about Halloween, costumes and sweets are usually the first things that come to mind. But, as it’s the only time of the year when you can dress up in your favorite homemade clothes, we think you should also let your creativity fly with these decorations that you can make yourself for your home.

Full of tricks, your house with the creepiest -and cute- Halloween decorations this year. These ten creations include the best of the best (in other words, witches, ghosts, and mummies!), And will impress those who come to ask for “sweet or trick” as much as the guests of your party.

1. Ghosts

Disturbing. Ghosts are easy to make, and the materials aren’t expensive. This Halloween, bring to life the chilling atmosphere of your home with these floating ghosts.
There are many methods you can use. For example, you can use balloons and some white fabric, small cushions, and even fabric colors. Combine the colors so that the eyes and mouth are clearly visible.

2. Floating sails

They really do remember the floating candles in the Great Harry Potter Hall, and it’s worth a try.
Take empty rolls of paper and a bag of small LED lights to recreate the floating candles that will enchant everyone who sees them.

3. Sack of spider eggs

A giant spider egg sack is the perfect decoration for Halloween. The trick is to make it look as real as possible.
You need a foam egg, white cotton, a white half cancan, several plastic spiders, and a glue gun for this project. Wrap the egg in foam and cover it with stocking. Then, put some small spiders inside, between the cotton and the stocking, and stick the others out. Hang the bag from the ceiling.

4. Murder in the bathroom

You may have tried this before, but if not, it’s a super easy and fun way to decorate your bathroom for Halloween! If you are one of the people who set up a haunted house or host a Halloween party, this is indispensable.
Just buy new (and cheap) sheets, and some blood is missing (or do yours), and get to work. Don’t tell anyone; make it a surprise for every guest who goes to the bathroom.

5. Chilling mirror

Is there anything that makes you scream more on Halloween than a creepy, mysterious message in the mirror?
Cut the letters you choose, place them in the mirror, and spray matte spray. Then clean it up very easily.

6. Silhouettes of paper mice

Stage a terrifying scene along a plinth or stairs with paper mice.
Cut out black cardboard mouse silhouettes to give the illusion that your home is infested with rodents.

7. Cemetery

You can temporarily turn your garden or patio into a graveyard. You can also add mold or artificial spider webs for more chills. And if you really want to do it all, dig a well and put a plastic skeleton in it, and cover it partially with dirt.
You can create tombstones by crushing cardboard boxes, cutting them into tombstones, then painting them grey and adding words (such as names and dates) on the front. Then stick them on the floor of your front or back yard, sticking a garden pole in the back and planting it on the floor.

8. Singles for dinner

Decorate the table with these individual tablecloths made with nothing but inflatable paint (puff paint) and parchment paper.
With the paint, make a spider web shape on the paper. Then, let it dry all night so you can remove the paper from behind. ¡ Put it under a transparent plate to show the design!

9. Head in a jar

This is just a paper head put in a jar full of water.
Perspective is indeed forced, but it works incredibly well. You can scan your own head or something.

10. Lamps of Halloween

You don’t need to do more than you can to achieve the desired effect for Halloween, so if you don’t want to invest in a lot of decorations, make some Halloween lamps, but make them look scary.
Spread them around the courtyard, and they’ll look amazing when night falls. You might even hang some of the trees or the ceiling.